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Ready, Set, Assemble!

Recently we received the first batch of plastics for all parts of the Mimo Infant Monitor-- the turtles, the lilypads, and the rubber turtle shirt bases. This is actually five distinct parts; both the turtles and the lilypads are two-part pieces because we have to put the electronics inside before sealing it up. Having these parts come in (and fit together perfectly!) is the culmination of over a year’s worth of work and we are all incredibly proud of the result. The next big step will be seeing our product on shelves, but we’re trying to take it one step at a time!

Turtle plastics

Kimono bases

Behind every company that makes the products you see on the shelves are hosts of other companies that work to help make that product. For us, they injection mold our plastics, sew our raw bodysuits (i.e. without sensors) cut our vinyl, and print and solder our electronics. Something we’re thrilled about is that all these components of the Mimo Infant Monitor are made in the USA-- in fact, it’s all right here in New England. Our sensors are made in New Hampshire, our plastic parts are made in Massachusetts, our electronics are made in Boston, and the assembly will be done right in our own building by South Station! (To be fair, the bodysuits, without any sensors on them, are coming from India and our green vinyl is Italian, but we think the distance is worth the quality of the organic cotton and that perfect, Mimo Green.)

Being so close to our manufacturers means we get to meet the people we work with. We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with people who understand the challenges of being a start-up and are extremely accommodating as we launch our very first product; we’re pretty sure part of this is due to the fact that we bring donuts to every meeting. Plus, visiting the factories means we get to see them in action! We’re pretty in love with machinery.

Because we developed our own sensor technology, we also had to develop the machines to apply the sensors to the bodysuits and the machines to do quality control. This has truly been a crazy process as we learned that most soft-goods are handmade! The machines we've designed our new and unique to our process, so for the first batch of Mimo Infant Monitors we'll be running the machines ourselves. This means that the very first bodysuits, hot off the press, will be made by us-- the same people who designed it. We think this is pretty special. While we don't plan to operate our machines every time we ship out more bodysuits, we do hope to keep the manufacturing nearby.

All this is to say we're a hop and a skip away from getting Mimo onto shelves and into homes! We couldn't be more excited.