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Surprise - We're at CES!!!

Envision a world in which coffee mugs talk to bottle warmers that then talk to baby monitors. That world isn’t that far away. In fact, it could be in your home within a few months. And Mimo is one of the faces leading the charge into that future! But instead of talking to a coffee mug, the Mimo Baby Monitor and Mimo Bottle Warmer talk to your smartphone.

January 6th was the start of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest annual technology conference. The conference opened with a keynote speech by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich that brought the Mimo Baby Monitor and the Mimo Bottle Warmer to the attention of millions of people overnight! In his presentation, Mr. Krzanich discussed the Internet of Things, a network of technologies that will enable anything to have a place on the Internet creating millions of remotely accessible and integrated systems, heralding in a new era of wearables like Mimo.

Krzanich’s talk focused on the introduction of Edison, a Linux computer the size of an SD card. After introducing Edison, Krzanich brought Mimo, and other wearables on stage with him. The next few minutes were unbelievable for our entire team; the CEO of INTEL was pitching Mimo as part of the CES launch keynote. These moments were the culmination of a partnership that began about a month before, and challenged our engineering team to integrate a revolutionary chip in our products in just a few weeks.

By partnering with Intel and using the power of Edison, we can expand our thoughts on Nursery 2.0, a Mimo ecosystem that will help already great parents make parenting a little easier, calmer and most importantly, safer. With the soon-to-be-released Mimo product suite, technology in the nursery will enable your devices to communicate with each other. This integrated communication will allow for you to forget about the technology in your nursery and focus on your baby without some of those added stresses.

Best of all though, as we finalize the bottle warmer, mobile, and all other Mimo products we will have the latest technology in mind to make life as simple and pleasant as possible for the people that matter most: moms and dads. Not to mention, it'll allow us to make all our products much smaller and cuter! ☺

The entire team behind Mimo is so pumped about the potential of Nursery 2.0! We have so many exciting new things planned and so many more possibilities! A BIG THANK YOU TO INTEL and check out the keynote here. We’re featured at 23:40.